Oak & Acorn

PO Box 156
Valley Falls, NY 12185


Oak and Acorn Ancient Metalcrafts was born from the combined efforts of Sarah Ritchie and Daniel Crowther.

Sarah describes blacksmithing to a group of children at the Altamont Fair blacksmithing demonstration

Sarah brings a BA in Arts and over 25 years experience with a wide range of materials to Oak and Acorn. In the course of natural artistic exploration, some designs necessitated iron work. So now with a complete array of metals at her disposal she is free to follow any creative path she chooses.

Dan started blacksmithing 25 years ago as the poor man's way to obtain a sword. Since that time many more people have requested he make just about everything but swords. As a result he had the oportunity to work on a wide variety of practical items.

Since Sarah and Dan teamed up it was clear that no better match than a blacksmith and an artist could be had. And so, the joint venture of Oak and Acorn Ancient Metalcrafts was started. Along with their daughters Paige, Sydney, and now our granddaughter Keira (the "Acorns") they forge and create new and exciting works in a wide range of metals including: steel, silver, brass, bronze and copper.

Enjoy the website, the items are always changing as each project is completed. Or stay up to date with our events and projects via the social media links at the bottom of the page.